Sermons 2018

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Date Title Presenter
2018-12-29 The Waiting Room Dr Alan Savige Play
2018-12-22 Church Is Boring Amanda Wakelin Play
2018-12-08 Bow Down To The Image Daniel Wakelin Play
2018-11-24 The Influence of One Kenneth Goh Play
2018-11-17 A Meal A Home And a Promise Percy Harrold Play
2018-11-10 The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand Dr Andrew Cronk Play
2018-11-03 The Last of The Many Pr Don Bain Play
2018-10-27 Communion Service Graham Fletcher Play
2018-10-20 Out of Darkness Light Pr Mike Brownhill Play
2018-10-13 Does God Care Cynthia Akuoko Play
2018-10-06 Blindingly Obvious Dwane Jackson Play
2018-09-15 And Still You Will Rise Sandra Docking Play
2018-09-08 The Law of Life The Law of Love John Nam Play
2018-09-01 Heritage Jimmy Frumpi Play
2018-08-25 Sabbatarians Peter Miller Play
2018-08-18 Hope For The Hopeless Charles Russell Play
2018-08-11 Know Your Enemy John Stehn Play
2018-08-04 What Are You Waiting For Henk La Dru Play
2018-07-28 Redeemed For A Purpose Kenneth Goh Play
2018-07-21 What Shall We Do Dr Geoff Catton Play
2018-07-14 The Heart Of God Pr Brett Townend Play
2018-07-07 Doing The Right Thing Pr Darrin Parker Play
2018-06-30 For & With - The Full Story Pr Mike Brownhill Play
2018-06-23 Run For Life John Nam Play
2018-06-16 The Most Expensive Dinner Invitation Dr Dwane Jackson Play
2018-06-09 The Faith of Jesus Aaron Brown Play
2018-06-02 Reincarnation Goes To Church Geoff Coyte Play
2018-05-26 Grasping Hold of Divinity Gary Car Play
2018-05-19 The King Brian Abrahams Play
2018-05-12 The Worst and The Best Sermon Steven Endicott Play
2018-05-05 Hold On Ron Reed Play
2018-04-28 Communion Graham Fletcher Play
2018-04-21 Behold the Man Pr Possingham Play
2018-04-14 What A Friend We Have In Jesus Amanda Stalling Play
2018-04-07 Songs To Live By Lisa Endicott Play
2018-03-31 Deliverance at Passover Steve Endicott Play
2018-03-24 Jabez - Pain and Prosperity.mp3 Dr Dwane Jackson Play
2018-03-17 Beyond The Storm Horace D'Costa Play
2018-03-10 The Good The Bad in Me Pr John Stehn Play
2018-03-03 Doctrines, Dreams, Prophecy Pr Mike Brownhill Play
2018-02-24 Compass New Heart Pr Brian Je Play
2018-02-17 The Elijah Message Sone Mariner Play
2018-02-10 First Impressions of God Alan Hedge Play
2018-02-03 Jobs and Trials Graham Fletcher Play
2018-01-27 Words of Jesus Dr Peter Miller Play
2018-01-20 Telomeres Pr Je Play
2018-01-13 The Road Back Alan Savige Play
2018-01-06 Gods Love John Nam Play