Sermons 2019

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Date Title Presenter
2019-11-30 Just Keep Walking Sandra Docking Play
2019-11-23 Out Of Darkness - Light Pr Mike Brownhill Play
2019-11-16 Happy Ever After Lisa Endicott Play
2019-11-09 In The Beginning Pr Neil Marks Play
2019-11-02 The Suit Amanda Stalling Play
2019-10-26 Destroy This Temple Pr Neil Marks Play
2019-10-19 Grace or Disgrace Charles Russell Play
2019-10-12 Celebrating Our Springtime Festival of Faith Pr Neil Marks Play
2019-10-05 The Mind Renewed Pr Alec Gazsic Play
2019-09-14 No Needy Among Them Pr Neil Marks Play
2019-09-07 Understanding God's Purpose Rod Hutton Play
2019-08-31 Our Creator Sustainer and Saviour John Nam Play
2019-08-24 Conformer or Transformer Pr Neil Mark Play
2019-08-17 Resurrection Graham Fletcher Play
2019-08-10 In The Jordan Pr Neil Marks Play
2019-08-03 Romans 1 John Stehn Play
2019-07-27 Its Time Pr Neil Marks Play
2019-07-12 Baptism Of The Holy Spirit 1 Pr Heinrick Play
2019-07-13 Baptism Of The Holy Spirit 2 Pr Heinrick Play
2019-07-13 Baptism Of The Holy Spirit 3 Pr Heinrick Play
2019-07-13 Baptism Of The Holy Spirit 4-5 Pr Heinrick Play
2019-07-06 Living Life To The Fullest Dr Geoff Catton Play
2019-06-29 Anointing At Bethany Jennifer Powrie Play
2019-06-22 A Time To Prepare Pr Neil Marks Play
2019-06-15 Hell's Bread and Heart Burn Dr Dwane Jackson Play
2019-06-08 The Bare Word Pr Neil Marks Play
2019-06-01 How To Destroy The Christian Faith Dr Philip Rodionoff Play
2019-05-25 Living Our Blessed Hope Clinton Jackson Play
2019-05-18 Go Hard and Go Home Anesu Gands Play
2019-05-11 Healing Power Pr Neil Marks Play
2019-05-04 How Does It Stack Up Peter Miller Play
2019-04-27 Behold The Lamb Pr Neil Marks Play
2019-04-20 No Title Pr Don Bain Play
2019-04-13 The Coming of the Prince of Peace Pr Neil Marks Play
2019-04-06 Psalm 19 Graham Fletcher Play
2019-03-30 Making The Right Impression Aaron Brown Play
2019-03-23 Glorious Appearings Pr Neil Marks Play
2019-03-16 Two Classes Graham Fletcher Play
2019-03-09 Unlocking the Storehouse of Heaven Pr Neil Marks Play
2019-03-02 Compassion & Emotion Jenny Cha Play
2019-02-23 A Time To Draw Near Pr Neil Marks Play
2019-02-16 Ever Onwards and Upwards Charles Russel Play
2019-02-09 The Sower The Seed and The Soils Pr Neil Marks Play
2019-02-02 God Makes The Impossible Possible Matthew Yi Play
2019-01-26 Lifting Up The Cup Of Salvation Pr Neil Marks Play
2019-01-19 Behold the Son of God Pr Bob Possingham Play
2019-01-12 Foorprints in the Sand Sally Cronk Play
2019-01-05 Wise Or Foolish, Time Will Tell John Stehn Play